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July 1, 2018

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Travelling for one or more years is a life choice and a commitment to spend a part of your life living in different countries and not in the same place. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your training, your eating habits, your “routine”. Being active is especially a challenge while travelling. Here are a few ideas to incorporate to your new life style and to keep active during your adventure. Enjoy!



RUNNING – The easiest and cheapest way to keep fit. All you need is a pair of good runners and your running clothes. If you`re staying in a city, plan your run in a park or chose a loop which touches some of the most iconic landmarks in the city. If staying close to nature (forest, beach…), sunrise or sunset are the best moments to make the most of your run.


BIKING – Another great option to explore the surroundings while exercising. Many cities offer bike rentals with pick up/drop off points close to the main city highlights. For more adventurous rides in the wilderness hire a mountain bike.


HIKING – While running is great to explore the streets of a city, hiking will give you much more perspective of wherever you are with panoramic views of a city, a valley, a lake… Incorporate hiking during your travels based on your experience, fitness level and schedule.



SPORT EVENTS – Check out the sport events taking place at your destination, a great way to keep fit, have fun and explore - you might end up taking part to a half marathon, a mud run, a swimming competition, a beach volley match...


FREE CLASSES – Check local community boards or websites for free classes of yoga, bootcamps, running groups or whichever sport it interests you. Apart from saving money you might get to know interesting people and mingle with locals.


GYM ADMISSION – Planning to stay a little longer in a location? Check out accommodation with gym onsite which can be cheaper than joining a gym on the long run. Some gyms will offer one week free trials or if you are changing location, some memberships will give you access to different gyms of the same club.



D.Y.O. TRAINING – Body weight and high intensity training sessions are easy to replicate everywhere you are – we check the training plans of our gym in New Zealand and adapt the movements to where we are. You can use playground equipment during early mornings when nobody is around for example - check the monkey bars are strong enough to hold your weight before using them =) You might want to bring a resistance band and a skipping or speed rope with you to add some variety to your training. TRX bands are also useful although a little heavier.


YOGA ONLINE – We`ve been following yoga classes online for few years and there are many out there for every taste – more meditation focused or more aerobic based. Check out this awesome website for only USD20.00 per month – CODY (you need internet connection for these classes)



WATER-BASED SPORTS – If you are close to the sea, a lake or a river during your travels, there`s your chance to keep active while enjoying some pretty cool adventures – kayaking along beautiful coastlines, paddling along untouched rivers and lakes, surfing the ocean waves, swimming or snorkeling in clear blue waters….


NO PUBLIC TRANSPORT – Sometimes you’re staying too long in a place to plan training in your visit. In these cases avoiding public transport will keep you on your feet and walking the whole day is definitely better than sitting on a bus for hours.


WINTER FUN - Cold and snowy outside? Then hit the slopes out there if any, skiing/snowboarding are great fun and usually gives you awesome panoramas from up the mountain top. Cross-country skiing or snow shoeing are other options to consider if downhill skiing is not your thing. 

















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