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YUKON ENCOUNTERS - The Community Helper

July 22, 2018


Meet Keith Seaboyer, the most helpful guy we have ever met in the Yukon! 



Originally from ONTARIO Keith came to Carcross two years ago to teach about solar and wind energy to the CARCROSS/TAGISH FIRST NATION. When he tells people he lives close to EMERALD LAKE, famous for its intense green color, everyone thinks he’s the rich owner of the big cabin close to the lake, however his cabin is much more humble, OFF THE GRID and hidden from the thick forest – no power, no water, no sewage. He usually goes once a week to fill his water tank and have a shower at a local sport centre and water treatment facility. He’s neighbor with LINDA, the only Canadian woman to cross Canada coast to coast by dog team and now the lovely Carcross Librarian and the owner of 11 beautiful dogs.



When his first Summer in Carcross came, he put apart his plans of visiting the Yukon to accept a position as Tutor & Education Assistant at the Yukon College he was offered in recognition of his teaching abilities. What he likes most is the sparkle in the eyes of his students when they finally grasp his math and physics teachings.


About the same time he also started to help out at the CTFN at CTFN (Carcross/Tagish First Nation) Land and Heritage Department and he’s doing so much more to HELP THE COMMUNITY - he would drive hours to do the grocery shopping for some Elders, he would work on the weekends to feed the dogs of Rick even though he’s afraid of dogs, he would re-fill water tanks and gas for his neighbor Linda. He also goes miles to help with volunteers like us, giving rides, doing the grocery shopping and organizing activities. This is his third Summer here in Carcross and that`s how we got to know his amazing personality – how KIND and ALTRUIST he is and how much he likes pizza and taking pictures of us experiencing Canada with his mobile phone.



His father was a welder and he was building tow trucks to help in emergency situations, especially car crashes. When Keith was young he was helping him after school from 4pm to midnight everyday and after that he would stay up late to learn more about mechanics, dismantling engines from his father’s truck shop. Next morning he would wake up at 6am to go to school. During the years, thanks to his INNATE CURIOSITY and will to learn, he has become an EXPERT IN SOLAR ENERGY and he even built a solar car in Carcross with the help of his students and some locals – he keeps it at the back of his cabin and he would like to fix it and compete with it eventually. One day he promised we will get a ride in ALUMINATOR, can`t wait!



If you visit Carcross you would like to have him as a guide, he knows the story of each building and he has a joke for everyone. He would always leave you with a smile and would help you in all the way he can. THANK YOU KEITH!





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